001.1 Quick night flight- V35 over Diamond Point

Apologies for nil editing and crappy camerawork, but with the threat of fsx locking up on me, I was in a hurry. All seemed to go well however.

This is a very dark video, so WATCH IN A DARK PLACE, like your dungeon (doesn’t everyone have one?). I’m yet to watch on my own pc, so I have no idea if the moonlight glinting on the waves is visible at all.

In-sim, this whole area of Diamond Point, Washington, is magical during the day, and stupendous at night. I regretted paying $30 for this Orbx strip and environs initially, but now I realise it’s depth. With 4 seasons’ textures, there’s a large variety to experience.

I used Orbx’ enclosed light tuner, it’s made the runway lighting real purdy I reckon. Combined with REX, wow.

Unlike Xplane 10’s future, the scenery doesn’t use dynamic lighting, but hey, I couldn’t pick it. All the street lighting is nicely placed and textured. Lower down, you can see the cars in the street moving.

Remember, I filmed this realtime, with ‘litecam’, so without the video recorder, the fps runs much smoother. And this is all with the over the top reflective bare metal finish of the Bonanza, which no doubt places a fair load on the CPU! Look carefully when I put the view into external mode, watch for those reflections.

I’ll cover off on handling impressions of the Bonny next.

You may know I’ve also purchased the A2A Spitfire. I’m not bothering to outline its handling/flightmodel in detail, no point. It’s just bloody amazing!

See ya later.



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