X+SIM+REVIEWS 002: Airbus A320 – Mateus and FsX

Welcome to XSR’s second issue, and this time out Mateus (aka Karingka) offers his take on an X-Plane stalwart, the A320, but this time in FsX. Let’s hear what he has to say:

FsX is very different from X-Plane. The two simulators, I have found, are not alike, yet from what I have learnt so far, it’s good to have BOTH installed.

Installation was easy. When I first opened FsX (I have never done so before), I was welcomed by some interesting music. I like it, actually. Gives the simulator a professional  feel. That’s just me, I hear some people hate it.

Knowing nothing about the menu or settings, I was totally clueless about those kind of things. It took me a day to figure out how to set the anti-aliasing and to simply put the screen on full! In the simulator for the first time was a nightmare. I’m so accustomed to X-Plane’s interface, it took me quite a while to learn of the right click menu item.

So far, I find FsX quite good. It lacks some things X-Plane has, and vice versa. A few things in FsX, like the A.T.C, add-on availability and some of the graphics/textures seem better than in X-Plane. The default aircraft are just awful. No FMC at all! Don’t ever say again that X-Plane’s default FMC is bad…

Not ever having flown a real aircraft, I can’t say a word about the flight model. We will leave that to Chip. Anyway, one add on that stands out to me so far is the Airbus X by AeroSoft. Honestly, I love that thing. I’m not usually an Airbus fanatic, but this add-on beautifully renders the A320/321 series. The 3d model and the textures are just spectacular. I have not encountered anything of that quality in X-Plane so far. The systems are also of very high standard. Custom FMC, all that complicated stuff is right in place.

One complaint I have spotted so far, and one only, are the displays. They are strangely blurry. Hopefully I can find a solution! FsX on the other hand… crashes a lot. Too much for my liking. But I think it’s my system, not the program, and soon I will find the fix. I am very determined!

A good start, so far, except the crashing…  Mateus


6 responses to “X+SIM+REVIEWS 002: Airbus A320 – Mateus and FsX

  1. Y’know I’m pleased you guys have started this, I’m a simmer who always wanted to make a start but moved to a Mac 3 yrs ago has no Windows PC at home and so had no choice about which to use. X-Plane has been great I’ve learned and enjoyed lots and still have tons to learn. I’ve been serious in buying almost all payware from .org/x-aviation/carenado and more…so a good customer. Problem is people like me who started this way have the org and latterly x-pilot forums which are great in themselves but you have to cut through all the personality rubbish that’s going on ; you however are showing me what’s possible for my hobby no holds barred, I don’t care which product I have just want the best experience, one day I’m sure I’ll own a copy of both… so again thanks from the UK – keep it comin’ love the reviews too!!

    • Wow, thanks for that bipod! That does sum up the situation for a lot of xplaners! You lucky ones who can run bootcamp or just get another cheap new pc can open up another dimension that u haven’t seen before. You can have the best of both worlds, enjoy xplane’s challenging flight model and see some eyecandy too!

  2. @Flypod: You and me both! This new blog is INCLUSIVE! No bi-polar schisms between the Org and XA, no divide between FsX and XP, just learning, sharing, and hopefully have a helluva good time in the process!
    Thanks for coming along. C

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