X+S+R004: Try to install FSX on a Solid State Drive

It’s taken me a few frustrating hours, but I’ve successfully transferred my fsx and addons installation from the hard drive to my S: drive (S for superfast, 120gig Solid State Drive).

I can definitely confirm that doing so is most recommended! It loads much quicker (easily slicing 2/3rd off the load times) and seems more stable. The clunky, slow userface is gone, quite responsive now.

It was a real $%#%$% of a job to migrate, so if you are on the cusp of thinking of trying out FSX, go online and get a pretty good value deal on an SSD (mine cost $200, ha we’ll laugh at that in a year!), get it mounted (VERY easy to do yourself, see my earlier youtube vid, oh dear that intro was embarrassing!) and install from scratch.

Why was it a pain? Duh, Windoze. For years I’ve learnt to use uninstall feature in the Control Panel. Fine. But with some of these FSX addons & the program itself, you actually need to re-run the original INSTALL program, that then gives you the option to UNINSTALL the thing cleanly. But of course it doesn’t do that, as you’ve already used the other uninstall feature, stripping essential components that stop the real install process from working!

Thank Gawd for the recycle bin, I just undid all the deletions, restored my system to its earlier state of a few days ago, then did it the correct way. Then reinstalled everything to the S Drive. What a fun Friday night! Well worth the effort though, I’d swear it’s running a little smoother too. But the big gains are in much less time spent waiting to load.

Speaking of loading times, I haven’t noticed even the hard drive install taking any longer than Xplane to load, especially in comparison to some of the higher res photosceneries that Xplane uses.


2 responses to “X+S+R004: Try to install FSX on a Solid State Drive

    • Chip is still shopping for a pc, being a MacMan all his life. Perry and Karingka are both now trying fsx on their pcs and will be reporting back very soon.

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