X+S+R 005: Where are the ultralights for fsx?

The default ‘AirCreation Trike’  ultralight in FSX is fairly good, ideal for slow & low over your favourite detailed scenery. But it’s not that authentic, as are most of the fsx defaults (all?).

So if you get onto Google & search for some decent ultralights, there are virtually none! Probably says something about the popularity of this genre.

Fortunately I found an excellent little payware by an Aussie designer – Ant’s Airplanes – the ‘Drifter Ultralight’, have a look here.

This guy has a free trial version available, to test out in the sim, it only has floats but gives you a great idea of what it’s like. It’s so good I’m buying it, not bad for $19.95 AU. As you’ll see from my little video below, it provides a good simulation of what it must be like for those brave souls who fly these contraptions. You can really feel the weather throwing you around. Amazing detail in all the wires and engine.

And finally, some in-game characters who look quite human, not the usual zombie appearance. I especially like the pudgy guy up front (most likely the dev?), really well done! I don’t think he’d need ‘trim’ the  elevator down very often.

Edit – Holy Overthetop Batman, check out the POH!! It’s 39 pages long and more thorough than I’ve seen for many other paywares. It really shows the attention to detail of the developer. 

Note – the engine sounds are apparently better in the full version, although I find the free version acceptable.

I’m off to try this in really crappy, stormy weather…



6 responses to “X+S+R 005: Where are the ultralights for fsx?

  1. Simon – who are You calling “pudgy”???? OK, OK, this is my real-life aircraft, it is based at Roadvale (also produced by Ant as freeware) and for those of you who like the Drifter, why not get the airfield as well so you can see what it’s like to fly in and out of what is a ‘difficult’ little ‘strip.
    And yes, I did have to attach a 2kg weight to the tailwheel spring for balance, even though I weigh a lithe 85kg – if you buy the wheeled version, you will see the weight, it’s there. That red helmet is exactly what I wear when flying 0455.
    Don’t forget Ant has produced two beautiful Tecnams and also a very nice freeware Tiger Moth.
    PS don’t try to fly the Drifter in crappy weather – I pull it out of the hangar with one hand…….

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