XSR007: First PMDG 737NGX Video

Just a short coverage of the 737’s exterior mainly, nothing too arty, as at the time I hadn’t bought the Ezdok camera addon. Sheesh, this FSX caper is gettin expensive, $30 just for a (very good) camera addon! No wonder piracy is rife.

Speaking of Arty, I know ‘Arti’ is always emphasising the importance of sound in Xplane and other sims, so hopefully he’ll like this if he sees it! You can seriously close your eyes and lap up the varied and high quality sounds of this aircraft.

Yes, I am very happy with the PMDG. I’ve just read up a bit on CPUs and apparently, for a CPU intensive sim like this, the Core i5 2500k that Perry has is heaps faster than my old i7, and apparently it’s not that much slower than the new i7, that is only really useful for heavily multithreaded applications (which FSX is NOT). My pc still handles the pmdg pretty well, only groaning slightly near high-res YMML Melbourne, so there’s no excuse for y0ur new $1000 pc not to run this like a dream!

My landing (come on, it is my first) was pretty crap, but youll see from my subtle adjustments that the plane has great ‘feel’ and flight dynamics, and is certainly NOT on rails.

As you’ll see, it’s a dream flitting inbetween the wispy clouds of your own airport and locale. Plenty to distract you on landing as well, even if this is FSX default boxy Essendon Apt.

A large and growing variety of high quality liveries is available here. This vid was taken with Virgin Australia’s new, ‘bland but it’s growing on me’ livery.

Hope you enjoy. Coming up will be a bumper comparison of Xplane and FSX helicopters. It’ll be controversial as ever! So see you next time, thanks for popping into our little clubhouse..



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