X+S+R 009.1: Carenado + FsX Lighting

Tonight we have Simon’s Part II look at setting up lights and cameras in FsX, taken in a flight over Melbourne with ORBX’s scenery as a backdrop, so turn down the lights and buckle up!

Just my two cents here, but the textures on this parking garage are perfect. This seemingly innocuous structure here lends a good feeling of immersive realism instead of being a black hole, and it helps the overall success of the scenery package. Next time you look at a similar structure in XP or another package for FsX note how structures like this get ignored…and end up detracting from the overall success of the effort.

Orbx obviously “gets it”, don’t they? Everything from parking structures to sports stadia to skyscrapers…they’re all there, all modeled and rendered quite nicely. This is what dynamic, immersive SIMS should be all about, in any platform!

We’ll be back with Part III of this series tomorrow, so fly safe ’til then! Chip


6 responses to “X+S+R 009.1: Carenado + FsX Lighting

      • Really? It’s darned price gouging at the airport. Quite often you see rows of cars ‘broken down’ on the highway before the airport, waiting for their loved ones to arrive from late flights.

        But the carpark is very, very nice, lovely lighting..

  1. Guys, have you tried ezdok? It provides amazing camera effects like vibration during the takeoff and landing rolls, turbulence, and it also has amazing effects for your videos. Plays really nice with trackIr as well.

    I am buying it tonight.

    • Nomad I’d heard of it, hadn’t used it yet, until today. You’ll see! Yes, it’s very good and it’s an added bonus all those vibration effects, I haven’t even had to connect my trackir as the effects are so cool. A learning curve to use, but I hope my next video shows I’ve got to grips with the basics. Excellent angle transitions.

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