Central Rocky Mountains Video + Aussiex.org Heroes

Woah, what a huge learning curve of a day, coming to grips with FSrecorder 2 AND Ezdok camera, all at the same time! Anyway, I’ve been raving onto Chip about the bonus features of Ezdok camera, especially the motion effects (so good that my trackir hasn’t been needed yet), so finally decided to get more into the details of ezdok. Lord I hated the default camera controls in FSX! The camera options in Xplane are actually pretty good, and with dexterous fingers, one can get some excellent camera work going.

So here’s my first video using Ezdok, so please be kind! There are some lovely transition effects possible, smoothly gliding between points. Funny, in the end I used my old manual movement technique, as I loved how smooth it was. Yes, you’ll see little imperfections, like the demo FRAPS logo every now and then, as well as the darned pilot tips text and that red text to the right. I’ll get rid of em soon.

Today I rediscovered the amazing Aussiex.org website, where a talented team of freeware developers have been beavering away creating amazing aerodrome and scenery packages for us. I’m yet to check out their airplanes as well! Go over there and take a peek, as contrary to the name, there’s a heap of international scenery, including a stack of US fields. Here’s their famous mega-pack of scenery, which also includes 15 PNW airfields. It also holds a large Grand Canyon scenery (fairly low res though) and a very tempting Death Valley that I’ll try next week.

Found a great little airfield pack, ‘Idaho Dirt Gold‘ by ‘Catchman 86, with accompanying videos of real life approaches. You MUST watch the Johnsons Creek video, that’s what convinced me to buy the FTX Central Rocky Mountains scenery. Just to replicate that single approach (oh, and maybe have a ‘little more’ area to explore!!).

Don’t forget to donate once you sample their creations. I know I will.

Hope you enjoy a little snowy chill, with the Bonanza V35 that I’ve fallen in love with. Those reflections! Those mountains! Those stuck landing gear…








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