X+S+R 010: The Rock

Simon has downloaded a very affordable AEROsoft Gibraltar – and he’s impressed. Framerates with the PMDG 737 were very good, in the high 20s and 30 range, and other ACF even higher. Detail impressive, the night LIT landscape immersive and dynamic. There’s good building variety and waterfront development looks very accurate. The only downside? The Rock doesn’t look all that impressive to Simon.

Also noted and worth mentioning now, Orbx is changing scenery development tactics. Read this update and be sure to take in the images in this post as they’ll give you a fine indication of where this development group is headed.

Now, let’s look at Simon’s images over The Rock!

So, what does the Orbx announcement tell us about things in general? Are there things we need to sit up and take note of as a result of this notice? Is this cause for alarm?

Well… If it takes two devs 12 to 18 months to crank out a huge airport like KSEA or KPDX, and the same two devs can make three smaller airports in a similar time frame, what tactic do you think is going to generate the most revenue?

Does this signal a shift in FsX away from big airport development? Well, one dev making the move is a business strategy, not a trend, but if other devs follow suit? We’ll be watching the scene, keeping an eye out!

Simon will have more soon, so stay tuned. ‘Til then, fly safe… and we’ll seeya next time: Chip


7 responses to “X+S+R 010: The Rock

  1. What has happened, judgement day? Don’t get me wrong, this is way beyond my Gibraltar scenery for XP, but they have placed very realistic detailed buildings (I could recognise quite a lot), on an orthophoto with no further modelling. No people, no cars, even no aircraft: this town is deserted. If they spend the same dedication on modelling the street as they did with the buildings, this would be stunning. Now it’s just weird. In my opinion they are halfway in building the prefect scenery.

    • Erm, sorry but my screens may have understated the movement in the scenery!

      I sent chip more pictures, there is alot of car and bus traffic, I just didnt get low enough.

      Plus I’m having probs trying to get ANY air traffic at Gib.

      • Freaking phone..cont’d..

        I’m fiddling more, now I’m seeing more traffic at Paris (literally a traffic jam!), so will try to get pics of planes at gib.

        Disappointing not to see any people at these aerosoft airports tho. Orbx is much better, but fps is poorer.

  2. I expected that this blog would handle about the differences and similarities between FS and XP. I don’t know if that vision is correct, because I don’t see so many comparisons, but can you make some? Like the car-traffic, which looks nice in XP (below 10.000 feet?), as long as there are roads. How is that in FS, do you need to fly on tree level see the traffic? Do I understand correctly you see traffic jams of aircraft at Paris? Do you see the fixes as you approach Gibraltar (especially the special 09 approach)? Is there some sort of ATC?

    • Definitely Robert! Just give us time to get to grips with the sim first, the first postings by Chip were meant to be excited ‘hot off the press’ posts, we’ll certainly be analysing the sims in direct comparison once we are more up to speed. What do you reckon about a Dodosim tour of Gibraltar, versus a Dreamfoil 206 tour of your Gibraltar? I’m buying the Dreamfoil this week.

      I’ll work on your questions, send us any others you’d like! There is definitely ATC, but I already hear the ATC is pretty basic. I ain’t doing that comparo yet, until 10 ships!

      Traffic jams at Orly – I was exaggerating, I saw an orderly spacing of planes and 2 minute separations. Spectacular.

  3. Apples for oranges, Orbx may drop the mega airports but which one would you buy, KSEA, KMIA, KSFO, yes, as in time they may have to package the smaller airports together just to sell them, the locals would buy them, but the bulk would still want the big destination ports to fly too, I know where my money would go…..

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