X+S+R 011: Perry’s First Look at the Carenado HD Series Cessna 210 for FsX

Carenado CT210M

by Perry Wagner

After buying Carenado’s Cessna Caravan a few weeks ago and seeing how impressive their new HD Series products are, I wanted to get another ACF and see if they’re really onto something with this new line of ACF.  I had been looking at the Cessna 210 for a while because I’ve been interested in getting a Cessna single with retractable gear. I was also looking at ORBX’s Lancair IV-P, which looks to be an excellent aircraft as well. Already leaning towards the 210 and having Chip tell me how much he thought I would enjoy it, I decided to go with the 210, and I think after having my hands on her for a day now I made the right choice!


This aircraft is amazing, and in my opinion outdoes even their Caravan! That says something because the Caravan is still probably one of the best GA’s for FSX available. This HD series does in fact appear to be getting better and better…

The aircraft’s sounds? Amazing! I’m usually not a freak about “sound” files, but this one is great, and totally immersive. It’s very obvious that a lot of hard work went into sound quality.


It’s a Carenado aircraft, and it’s one of the latest products in their HD series, so you bet it has a great cockpit!

Oh, did I mention the instrument reflections?  These are well implemented and dynamic, and below you’ll find two comparison shots of this feature. Very cool implementation, if subtle…

  • With reflections…

  • And with no reflections…

I love how Carenado products have pop-up menus where you can select certain features in context. Not absolutely necessary, but one that adds an extra “that’s pretty cool” factor! And of course the night panel is about what you’d expect! WOW! Excellent work and one of the best features of this ACF…


So how does the exterior stack up? Just as flawless as the interior! Here are some images, and take note of all of the rivets and reflections in the image at the top of this post…


The gear retraction sequence is very detailed. Below are some pictures of steps in the process. It’s obvious Carenado didn’t just throw this the animation together haphazardly. Everything happens in a certain order, and beyond the accuracy it reflects the whole sequence is simply interesting to watch.


I have never flown a Cessna 210 and have had about 1 hour in the left seat of a Cessna 172, so I don’t feel very comfortable judging this or any other flight model. I can say that it is trickier than the 172, which I didn’t expect as they look very similar – superficially anyway. Don’t make that mistake because the 210 is a whole different animal. The flight model is more challenging than some smaller GA’s, and I like this added complexity and challenge. Anyway, that’s all I can say about the issue. I’d like to hear the opinion of a real Cessna 210 pilot…

This plane does have some extra features. Like many Carenado planes and as mentioned above, there are menus that allow you to easily control different settings and objects. You can open a small menu that lets you control instrument reflections, windows, and static parts like covers, chalks, etc. You can also open the checklists within the sim by pressing Shift-2, which I really like having. No more jumping between Adobe Reader and the sim. It’s all there now!

Well, that’s it for now. Head over to Carenado’s website and check things out for yourself! Hope you enjoyed this “First Look” and if you have any questions just fire away in the comments section below…

…and thanks for coming along! Perry

The ACF is available at the Carenado e-store, currently 34.95USD.


7 responses to “X+S+R 011: Perry’s First Look at the Carenado HD Series Cessna 210 for FsX

  1. Great review! Now I am $35 poorer! 🙂

    With the EZCam effects, this will be a great expertience…. by the way, everyone that uses FSX should with the EZCam. Great addon.

    I have spent too much on FSX this month. Keep the reviews coming. Thanks as usual.

  2. Cool, glad you like it! These guys know how to make a GA

    Carenado is REALLY showing their potential with this HD series. I really wish they would start doing this for X-Plane as well. Right now in XP, you are getting the older stuff from their past. I think a good business plan for them right now would be to start converting their HD stuff. People would flip!

    Dan…hint hint

    • Hey perry, could you take some more comparison shots of the 210 gauge reflections? I can’t see any in the existing shots. Maybe in bright sunlight? I’m very tempted by your review..

      • I’ll throw together a few for you later. It’s much more noticeable in the sim though. Believe me, you NEED this plane, Simon!

  3. Yes, the form factor makes the 210 appear similar, but it’s a much bigger airplane than a 172 or 180, with much higher performance than you’ll find in the 170 and 180 series Cessnas, or even in the bigger 206/207 Skywagon/Stationair models. It was Cessna’s answer to the threat posed by Mooney’s big, fast singles. It’s a truly grand aircraft to fly, capable of getting up and over storms and fast enough to get around fast moving fronts, too. It does know how to guzzle fuel, however!

    • Ooh you are making it hard for me to decide on next plane to try. The 210 has a purposeful look to it, hmm I’m off to googlise it. You flew it too eh? Could you do a nice trip from, say, London City to Orly in it?!

      If the 210 has the same gauge reflections as the skymaster I’m sold.

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