Xplane 9 Versus FSX – Helicopters & Gibraltar + UTX

A picture is worth a thousand words so they say – I’m sure a video is worth a billion? You’d never read that many words in any case

One of our regular readers and commenters asked us to more thoroughly compare his own freeware Gibraltar scenery for Xplane with our recently purchased Aerosoft Gibraltar X for FSX, so this is the result, a fairly comprehensive comparison. I didn’t show the buoy in the water before the 09 runway, but I can assure you it’s there in the fsx version.

Both the Xplane Dreamfoil Bell 206 and the FSX Dodosim are excellent rotorcraft. As ever, the xplane version feels quite a bit ‘touchier’ and I feel really needs pedals (especially to correct that torque, boy my right wrist is sore today! NO JOKES pls….). The Dodosim, as I have raved on about before, feels wonderful to me and I seem to be flying it most of the time. It certainly takes a fair amount of practice, but I’m enjoying the learning curve and beginning to feel much more confident with its controls. The 3d pit of the Dreamfoil is superior, especially the adjustable night lighting, but I really didn’t notice the difference when flying the birds. I prefer the sound of the Dodo, it has much more impact. As you’ll see, you can’t beat Xplane’s physics, especially in exterior replays.

I’ll save you the guesswork – yes, of course Aerosoft’s $20 payware is superior to Robert’s freeware for Xplane.

At 4:22 you’ll see the addon “Ultimate Terrain X” for Europe in action, at night at least. I’ll be doing a followup article on this impressive product. It certainly adds another dimension to both day and night flying – night in particular. A warning though, it does hit your FPS at night, but if you have a good system, you shouldn’t notice it much.

Ha, so that means that Chip shouldn’t have an issue. He’s still waiting for his PC to be assembled and manufactured. He’s buying it online from DARPA, one of the few places that sells the GTX590!! 🙂

As I side note, I actually bought Conex’s Dreamfoil from the Aerosoft store. An excellent, trouble-free purchase, and slightly cheaper in Aussie dollar terms than the Org store.

Thanks for stopping by the BBQ, see you in the soup next time!








8 responses to “Xplane 9 Versus FSX – Helicopters & Gibraltar + UTX

  1. Cool!

    One point of notice: I see you didn’t install the RUscenery or have problems with it? At least you have the correct airport lay-out (which Chip didn’t have in his reviews). But things like this or problems with the strange tower (actually it’s an Open Scenery mast, sometimes it shows correctly, other times as this strange tower) make you realise working with libraries in X-plane isn’t foolproof.

    The underground in the city, is that a orthophoto or standard X-plane in high resolution? It looks very ugly, I suddenly prefer Aerosoft orthophotos 🙂

    To relax, watch this video of Aerosofts Gibraltar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgyj_oIn7A0 (the new terminal isn’t finished, but there are a lot of videos on YouTube of operations from this terminal…)

    • Nice video! The videomaking possibilities are endless! I know you can record multiple aircraft or in this case, buses! I’m not sure what part of my video you’re referring to, can u nominate a time? Subway? I’ve got r2 and openscenery installed, what ru scenery do u mean? Can u send a link? Chip would love that vid, with a 727, I’ll notify him of it.


    • and yes R, the city is just xplane default In high res. I could try downloading g2xpl for this area. I rarely fly without it, I hate the xplane default look myself.

      • Glad my computer doesn’t handle high-res. But now I understand why some are so happy about orthophoto’s, because when your machine can handle them, it looks way better than XP default in high-res…

  2. You need Open Scenery, FF library (downloadable at the org) and the RUscenery: http://uuddxpscenery.ucoz.ru/load/ruscenery_object_library_for_x_plane/1-1-0-4 I like the R2 scenery, but didn’t use it with Gibraltar. The RUscenery brings the airport more to life.

    Sorry for my ‘Dutch’ English, with underground I meant ondergrond or in correct English surface (textures).

    The strange tower is the one you mentioned, behind the control tower.

    It’s always nice to see screenshots and videos of others, because some things are different. Like the clipper I see in your video, it’s a ferry in my X-plane, but I have also heard from others that they see a clipper. Like a said, libraries act funny in XP…

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