X+S+R 015: PMDG and AEROSOFT panel images

Mateus has passed along the following imagery from the PMDG x737 and Aerosoft’s Airbus A320, and after flying the two for a while leans toward the Airbus as the more engaging ACF of the two. Let’s take a look at his images now.

  • In his first image, the panel feels expansive and accurate, and even the floor/rudder pedal area is cleanly modeled, and with no rough edges between meshes evident;
  • Hard to say from this angle, but the top edge of the front windshield should line up with that of the side glass, unless interior details makes the lines not match up;
  • The slotted Fowler flaps seem to reach a full 40 degrees. By contrast, the EADT x737 in X-Plane seems to have flaps that on extend to about 20-25 degrees, visually anyway;
  • And the interior aspect of the leading edge slats is remarkably well detailed;
  • While the night panel images look quite muted and dim, this is more in line with real world cockpits than some of the garishly lit versions of the 737 we’ve seen in XP,
  • and the center quadrant just appears about perfect in this light.

Now let’s compare the 737 to some Airbus images:

  • In dim exterior light even details snap to, and shadowing around the throttle is just very nice indeed;
  • The slide out laptop desk is well done, textures very subtle;
  • Overhead? Too muted?

  • Exterior shadowing excellent;
  • Note the beacon illuminating the interior aspect of the right landing gear in the second image.

LIT panels seem well provided for too, but there’s a fair amount of difference seen between this 320 and Peter Hager/Ramzzess’s effort for the A380, with color and clarity the two big differences I see.

Mateus also included these images of an F16, which look decent, and with a nice sense of 3D “space” in the working environment. Text in the HUD is legible too, which is not always the case.

Very nice LIT panel too.

One thing again strikes me: the efficiency of large teams making ACF. One or two vs five or six, or more. How many people are working on an ACF at PMDG? With development cycles of three to four years now looking more and more like the norm, especially with smaller teams working on ultra complex ACF, if the ACF is less than well received developers will have no product depth to fall back on. That’s a very risky development model.

Well, more next time. Fly safe, and we’ll see ya soon.


7 responses to “X+S+R 015: PMDG and AEROSOFT panel images

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  2. As an Airbus fun, i’m flying in MsFs world with Wilco A3XX series. Much better than Aerosoft’s A320. Very good system presentation (not at PMDG’s levels), the best Airbus for MsFs.

    But above everything, i feel that X-plane’s 9 rendering “machine” is superior even to FSX. A way to find out, check the way aircraft’s landing lights, in a relative dark airport works. In FSX, there are almost everywhere, but in XP, they look so “true”. As pilot myself, i can judge!

    The bad thing with XP, is the lack of such “fine” add ons. Hope that’s will turn around with Xp10.

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