YMEN Essendon, Australia Released by Orbx!+Video

Being a Melbournian, once I heard Essendon Airport was almost ready for release by Orbx, I stuck my money where it had to go and prepaid, getting the handy 15% discount for paying up-front (isn’t that a great idea? Hellloooo other devs/stores???).

For those of you who don’t know, Essendon was Victoria’s first international airport and actually sits dangerously close to YMML Melbourne/Tullamarine Airport. Too dangerously, for I have vague recollections of a few heavy international pilots trying to land late at night at YMEN instead of the appropriately long-runway possessing YMML! Ok, ok, I’ll own up, I’ve almost done it myself in-sim.

There’s heaps of info over at the Orbx page, so I won’t repeat all their info.

I just installed it, as usual a video’s worth more than my blathering on. Suffice to say that it is excellent as usual, FPS is good for me & my ancient i720 and good value GTX560. As a regular visitor/passer-by to the area, I can attest to the scenery being quite uncanny at times. Watch out for when I fly over the overpass in my beloved A2A Spitfire, I had to do a double-take, it looked EXACTLY the same as in real life, the road curvature, colours, everything.

The video highlights something unsung about what Orbx have achieved now – 3 staggeringly detailed, fps friendly airports all within close proximity (well they tell me Avalon is a convenient drive away). Boy are we Aussies spoilt! How often can you take off and land, within minutes, at DIFFERENT AIRPORTS, with these spectacular details. And to think, I haven’t had time to check out the night textures, with us being  night lighting nuts. That’ll come later.

Thankyou to John, Martin and the rest of the team. Ha, and next to come is YMMB Moorabbin.

The backstory to the video – Me and a few mates had a few too many beers, I didn’t want to get stung by the coppers, so just flew the spitfire back to where my helicopter was parked at Essendon (as you do…). Bugger me, the engine overheated (really, not my fault, God’s truth), so I staggered out for a wander round, having lost the helicopter. Then I found it. But kept getting lost trying to find the nearest KFCs.

Please remember that as I’m using fraps, the fps is far better in-sim.




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