Orbx working VERY closely with Prepar3D Crew + Loophole for Xplaners


Pretty rapidly, the Orbx forums are becoming the go-to place for chatter regarding Prepar3D.

I just saw this great update from John Venema regarding their pending demo scenery, to be released next week, assuming that Version 1.2 of P3D is released as well. Here’s the link.

Some interesting points to note:

  • It might be worth waiting for a few of the eager-beavers to try V1.2 next week before subscribing for the $10 per month to try it out. As soon as positive reports come back, especially if FPS performance is improved, watch the forums explode & get outta my way while I take priority downloading my copy!!
  • Page 13 of the PDF guide shows some interesting WATER REFLECTION ADJUSTMENTS not present in FSX.
  • Page 15 has this revealing quote: “Future iterations of PREPAR3D® will of course offer more performance efficiencies and Orbx is continually working with Lockheed Martin to ensure all new technologies introduced will be fully taken advantage of”.

So there you have it – as we thought, Orbx have been far-sighted enough to be covering their bases and in doing so, may be instrumental in a whole new simulation base taking off (pardon the pun).

For you Xplaners who have always sworn that you would NEVER install MSFS or FSX onto their computers, I’ve just realised that this is an excellent loophole – This alternative product is called “Prepar3D”, owned by Lockheed-Martin, so you’re not really installing FSX, are you? Nor are you directly funding the evil Steve Ballmer Microsoft entity. Bet you feel better now…

We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments and keeping you informed – Let’s hope the new version goes well next week.


More pics from Essendon:

Hmm, getting hungry for Nando’s! Do you have them in US or UK?



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