Viva Las Vegas!

Simon downloaded the free demo of KLAS from fsdreamteam; he notes very good detail, and the free use period seems a fair amount of time too, enough to really explore it well before deciding to purchase.

Simon adds: “Crazy good fps performance, even with heaps of traffic and the strip nearby. It must be pretty accurate, as even  in-sim it looks a very unpleasant place!!” He’s right. It is. Las Vegas has an excess of everything on hand that looks downright fugly.

News at the FSN: Simon heard that Traffic X was on sale, got it for $20; the program adds accurate traffic and liveries to all airports, so KLAS is full of Northwest and even a few ‘Hooters’ ACF. Simon adds that as an Aussie, its great to see all the “weird” traffic.
You want weird, Las Vegas is the place to go! Let’s take a quick look-see:
We’ll have more detailed images up soon. Until then, fly safe and have fun!

3 responses to “Viva Las Vegas!

    • Oh dear Nomad, I knew that price was too good! Finished, just keep an eye on it, I’m sure it’ll go again. I have to say I’m pretty happy with it, no FPS impact from what I can see with a pretty occupied airport, fun watching a busy ramp & many takeoffs. I noticed some bizarre taxiing at LFPO though, mowing the lawn etc, but that was before I applied the patch (Sheesh, this program is 3 yrs old. A patch was released shortly after. So WHY o WHY doesn’t the download file INCLUDE that ancient patch already????? That happens too much

      • It’s OK. I spent my dollars buying Radar Contact. Great app if you don’t fly online. Learning a lot about ATC. 🙂

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