An overdose of Las Vegas

Just per the title, here’s a stack of pictures that Simon took today, of the FSDreamteam KLAS airport scenery, COMBINED WITH the Aerosoft Las Vegas X City scenery. A couple of years ago, you’d never dare to combine such burdensome sceneries for fear of locking your PC up. Instead, Simon reports a rock steady 30fps in his modified MD500 helicopter from Nemeth Designs. By modified, he means the excellent flight model modifications courtesy of the Hovercontrol forums. You may need to join up to download the modification files. Or not, let us know! Anyway, these Hovernuts are providing a great service to the FS community by correcting all the nasty default handling characteristics of some already expensive models. Thanks guys!

Some points to note:

  • The demo file of the KLAS airport is only active for about 5 minutes. Simon sent me some night shots yesterday, and I found some errors in the images, with autogates connected to airplanes but no terminals adjoining the autogates! Yep, that was because the main parts of the scenery disappeared without much warning. Nice.
  • The airport scenery is beautifully textured, as you see. Its very FPS friendly, largely due to their simplified modelling in some cases, but it’s hardly noticeable. Some of the perimeter textures could be a little better.
  • The pricing seems a little steep – $33 for this one. Simon feels that this is beyond the range where he might buy it just in case he flies there more often. As he doubts he will, it’s not worth the investment. $20 seems to be a good threshold. Quite a few Aerosoft airports are around the $20 range, much more tempting to press the ‘buy’ button.
  • Of course, if you’re a local, or do regular flights this way, go for it. It’s a must-have.
  •  Combining the Aerosoft Las Vegas city scenery is a master-stroke, with such an ‘amazing’ city so close to a very nicely done airport, it seems silly not to go for that as well. Such an unusual skyline seen from the flightdeck. A nice price too, $17.
  • The Las Vegas scenery is looking dated however. It’s great for the price, don’t get us wrong. No FPS issues, even being so close to McCarran. I’d hope not, with some of the building textures being borderline awful. Most are pretty OK, but nothing awe inspiring that you see from other scenery houses, namely Orbx.
  • Night textures of the city are a disappointment. We’re being polite here. Again, OK for the price.
  • A big deal is made about the wide coverage of the scenery, including the Grand Canyon. I think they’re taking the ‘bulk’ approach and not the ‘subtle’ alternative here. The textures away from the city are nothing to celebrate in this day and age. ‘Good for the price though..’

In some of the day pictures you’ll notice a distinctive ‘desert’ tinge, along with some pretty nice atmosphere/haze in the distance . That’s because Simon is also using yet ANOTHER addon, ‘Shade’, the best $10 you’ll ever spend on a sim!  That story is for another day.

Anyway, enjoy the pics, for better or worse, and hope this gives you some ideas. If you enjoy the area, go for it, the 2 packs make a great combo. If not, well, you too can be Leaving Las Vegas…

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