Aerosoft releases first P3D Scenery + xp10 news

Congrats to Aerosoft, who appear to have been the first payware co. To release a properly licensed scenery for Prepar3d, see below!

Developments in the P3D world are happening very rapidly, much faster than most have anticipated.

General consensus is that it is well optimized for most planes, running quicker and prettier than fsx. I have noticed however, that the more complex addons like pmdg run WORSE than fsx. It shows how optimized to fsx these planes are.

Its only early days though. To get FSX looking great, I’ve found you need to invest heavily in addons like REX, UTX, traffic and the better planes.

These addons need to be separately adapted and licenced to P3D, or else I’m seeing a fair bit of tinkering required to get them to work. So it’s only for the experimenter! I’ll wait for it to mature a little more.


In amongst all this hype is xplane 10’s gradual development, with a rather appealing post from Austin, see below.

It’s multiple-core capacity is really getting me excited! So few programs do this. If fsx can run so well nowadays on ONE core, just imagine how good things will look and feel with 4 or more…

I’m really enjoying the $20 AI addon ‘Traffic X’ for fsx- with xplane’s real physics AI I think I’ll go crazy!! the takeoffs and landings in fsx do look fake, still pretty good, but nothing on the real look of xp10.

Is this the most exciting time for flightsimmers for decades? I think so.

Our blog buddy Chip is very ill, the next week or so is a crucial time. It’s pathetic, there is more to life, but I hope all this news and and development spurs him along and xp10 is out in time for him to enjoy.

Until next time.


edit – text missing from Austin’s message, so here’s the link to his group message:


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