VERY low altitude flying!

Yeah, I am a smart-arse. F1 2011 by Codemasters is a very impressive ‘game’ for the PC. You can even fly if you get your braking points wrong.

In researching it, I almost accidentally bought the PS3 version, however fortunately for me I came across some scathing reviews of it, there are some shocking jaggies due to very poor anti-aliasing in the PS3 version.

The pc version is getting excellent reviews though, and even better, it was only $49 on steam, compared to the usual overpriced 70-80 for the consoles. Come on Sony, wake up to yourselves! It ain’t the 1980’s anymore. Oh and as I’ve said before, kill that Vita portable crap before it kills YOU. Between Android PS2 emulators and iPad/iPhone domination, you just won’t succeed. I digress…

Below are some pictures of my local Formula One track down in Albert Park, Melbourne, including close ups of one of our favourite haunts, the Melb. Sports and Aquatic Centre, stunningly realised in 3D behind all the rain.

The video shows you how well this game runs on my (now) slightly above average PC. I have all its settings MAXED out, and it still runs at 90fps without fraps! If I didnt use my PS3 for hd video recording, I might scrap it. No wonder pc gaming is starting to take off again, these consoles are getting very long in the tooth nowadays. The only thing the console is really good for is its controllers, which I’ve been able to connect to the pc and use for driving.

Oh well, another diversion again. This WILL keep me addicted for a fair while, I’ll be posting any good videos or photos of the most spectacular tracks/crashes along the way

Seeya soon


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