Another Revolution – Vibe, AskLocal and Virtual Graffiti

This post has nothing to do with flightsims, but this might as well be a home for any other ideas/rants etc!

Today I heard about the iPhone apps ‘Vibe’ and ‘AskLocal’ (both made by The possibilities of these apps, that right now are being used by the good folks over at the Occupy Wall Street protests, astonished me. For organising such events, or just having short, localised chats with your buddies anonymously. Hence the name I used in doing the graffiti, Anonymouse..

I’ve already posted my first ‘Virtual Graffiti’ near the protests in New York, the first ever VirtualG in the world I believe – trust me and my warped mind. A couple of little messages, placed so anyone walking by (physically or just using the AskLocal map) can see them. Carefully targeted, this could be an effective advertising tool as well, airshows will never be the same!

Give it a try. I’m suggesting people post their VirtualG messages in the smallest range  possible, like 10 metres/30ft, to make any visit to any site in the world a real adventure as you walk by staring into your iPhone 4S (Come on, you know you want one..)

Poor Steve Jobs, to me, this is the most exciting time to be alive – in the future –  every tomorrow holds amazing developments. Sometimes horrid, but amazing in any case..




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