We live here!

Yes kiddies, the famed Xsimreviews team has packed up the internet site and moved on over to this WordPress hosted blog home, so stick around for the odd, but ‘odd’ post!

Those of you who follow our twitter feed will see that I’ve ordered a V2 Oculus Rift. Not due for distribution until (at least, I reckon) July this year. But when it does come, expect some thorough coverage from me, especially how it works with flight sims! I am particularly looking forward to trying it with War Thunder, as its graphics are so beautiful and smooth. Not exactly looking forward to P3D if it ends up halving the framerate.

Speaking of War Thunder – where is their long-promised Mac version??!! Gawd, it’s taking almost as long as X-Aviation’s Norcal! I also note that the superhero of the flightsimming world, Frooglesim, has finally discovered War Thunder. About time sir! We’ve covered it ages ago, it’s well worth a look, although the flight model is still fairly arcadey. Graphics to die for though.

And what’s all the hype and disappointment about Facebook taking over Oculus? Frankly, who cares? All it’ll do is make VR even more mainstream. I have to admit though, I’m wondering how on earth they’ll integrate FB and the Rift?! Will liking someone now be as simple as nodding your head in agreement? Unliking someone  = shaking your head left to right, no, no, no?!

Enuf for now, I have another 600 USA pictures to review and edit…



2 responses to “We live here!

  1. Hey – good to see you’re still blogging, sad to hear about Chip; best wishes for him and his family.

    Keep up the honesty! You guys deserve a medal. I’ve been off X-Plane ever since 10 came out – I’m on Mac, and seriously considered upgrading from my 2009 MBP every time Apple made an announcement.

    But then, it becomes clear that the overwhelming power required by XP10 makes the investment not worthwhile; and I’m not willing to go PC just for this!

    It’s a sad situation, a misjudgement, a commercial error by Austin & Co. They over-reached on their goals; and plainly, competing entertainment platforms did not.

    So, people are losing interest all around. I’m keen, but fear for XP’s future, and don’t really know whether I’ll get back on the bus again ever!

    Thought I’d leave that there as a message of empathy to you guys –

    All the best


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