009.2 Lighting and FSX: REX Cloud Enhancements Examples

This one element, perhaps more than any other, really sticks it to us Mac users in X-Plane. The REX weather enhancements long available to MsWindows users continues to be denied Mac Users, and along with the continued absence TrackIR that really begins to chafe. There may be talented designer-developers behind these two companies, but it seems to me they’re really poor business strategists to so completely omit one key market constituency in such a narrow field of endeavor. Well, as they say, it’s there business, not mine, and stupid is as stupid does!

But we’re focusing on FsX here, and these products have long been available to the MsFS crowd, and Simon has been using them for years and knows them inside out.

Today, in this installment of images, Simon takes the default P51 out for a twilight rumble over Melbourne, and you can really see why having REX onboard is such a key element to develop a truyly immersive atmosphere:

It’s just about impossible to get this kind of “impressionistic” cloud imagery in X-Plane, or even FsX, without REX installed, and the sky colors are simply almost surreal, but not unrealistically so. REX simply seems to make uncommonly beautiful sunsets and sunrises a commonplace occurrence. These images over Melbourne, Australia, BTW.

And that’s it for this time out. We’ll seeya later in the new week with more new material on FsX. C


X+S+R 009.1: Carenado + FsX Lighting

Tonight we have Simon’s Part II look at setting up lights and cameras in FsX, taken in a flight over Melbourne with ORBX’s scenery as a backdrop, so turn down the lights and buckle up!

Just my two cents here, but the textures on this parking garage are perfect. This seemingly innocuous structure here lends a good feeling of immersive realism instead of being a black hole, and it helps the overall success of the scenery package. Next time you look at a similar structure in XP or another package for FsX note how structures like this get ignored…and end up detracting from the overall success of the effort.

Orbx obviously “gets it”, don’t they? Everything from parking structures to sports stadia to skyscrapers…they’re all there, all modeled and rendered quite nicely. This is what dynamic, immersive SIMS should be all about, in any platform!

We’ll be back with Part III of this series tomorrow, so fly safe ’til then! Chip

XSR009: PMDG + FsX Lighting Images

Simon spend the better part of a day working on lighting and camera angle software in FsX, and here are the results. Not much to read in this first installment of images, so turn off the lights and just stroll on in and take a look at the PMDG 737NGx at ORBX’s Melbourne, Australia…at night!

Spectacular stuff, and ORBX does really appear to have the LIT textures nailed down tight. Simon advises this airport scenery looks eerily like the real thing, as in: it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between what’s on the PC and what’s just down the road a bit. That’s immersive realism.

We’ll have more images tomorrow, with Carenado’s V-tailed Bonanza. Until then, fly safe. C