Elite Dangerous!

Is a very, very impressive space based game. Produced by the same genius behind everyone’s beloved ’80s Elite (I became obsessed with my version on the mighty Commodore Amiga 500), David Braben, it seems to closely follow the original formula, except with cutting edge graphics and excellent FPS performance.

It’s pretty pricey, at 50 British Pounds or around $93 Aussie Pesos. But well worth the entry price, even at this early Beta stage of development.

This game is also one of the best showcases for the DK2 version of the Oculus Rift, so once I receive my kit expect a full report of the experience.

After flying this for a few minutes I immediately realised that this is a monumental game, a major shift in direction, I was seeing the early stages of what I think will become genre busting! The speel sounds impressive, a galaxy of 400 billion stars to explore. There are only 50 such stars able to be explored so far, so I’m not sure how they will go populating the balance!! But braben is well known for his procedural approach to randomly generating such huge quantities of content.

I imagine that this initial game will form the backbone of an incredible and beautiful galaxy filled with wonders to explore. It’ll be great to see the game and future expansions develop.

Enough talking, enjoy the videos!

Here’s one of me flying through the space station and ‘landing’, if you can call it that.



Crazy ‘Flying’

Just have to share a couple of videos of my latest exploits in the new alpha update of ‘Next Car Game‘. Talk about a super update, with finally a useful replay function and a few new tracks.

Watch these vids to see how often you end up flying in the air! And check out the insane levels of damage modelling, particles and debris that remain in the arena.

Who says you can be too old to have fun eh?