War Thunder now available for OSX!!

Yep, lookee here:


You Mac fans should love the graphics in this state of the art game!


Alert- Aeroflyfs improvements in works

Thanks to AVSIM for this hot news.

Looks like pleasing improvements, eg navigation and…..allowing third party developers!

I only flew the sim once, beautiful but boring, not enough 3D art for me. Another one to watch. Aeroflyfs is for Mac users too.


Well it’s ‘sort of a flightsim’

We are really stretching the definition, but hell, this looks brutal! And I thought Arma II was hardcore..

I, your devoted scanner of all flight simulations, pledge to study this ‘sim’ thoroughly. I get all the tough jobs. Don’t expect a long treatise on the flight models though  – it probably makes Arma II look like Xplane.

Get the Beta here.

2011 is looking a massive year for games. Then I see this next replay of another simulation involving ‘wings’ and low-level flying…Just watch the flexing bodywork and end result of a ‘missed approach:

Santa better have some meaty servers or all the kiddies will be missing out this year!